Why should you care about PFOA’s and C8?

You lock your doors, tuck your children into bed and do everything you can to make sure they are safe. Then they ask you for a glass of water before they fall asleep. You give them a glass of tap water and kiss them good night. Meanwhile, the chemical companies are dumping PFOA's into the ground. The military bases are hosing down AFFF until it seeps into the ground. These chemicals degrade into C8 and make it into your water supply. They may be in that glass of water you just gave your child.

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Perfluorooctanoic Acid, or (PFOA) is an unregulated chemical compound that is seeping into America’s water supply.  It is commonly known as  C8 because of the eight-carbon chain that makes up its chemical backbone. When PFOA was first created and used in manufacturing processes in 1951, no statute required manufacturers of chemicals to submit information prior to marketing. When the Toxics Substances Control Act (TSCA) was enacted by Congress in 1976, more than 63,000 chemicals, including PFOA, were granted blanket approval for use in consumer and industrial products.


Under TSCA, EPA could have requested safety testing if the agency believed that the chemical might pose risks to workers or consumers; EPA did not prioritize PFOA for such review. Within ten to twenty years of its initial introduction into manufacturing processes (by the year TSCA was enacted), manufacturers had data suggesting that PFOA accumulates in human blood, does not break down in the environment, and causes serious health problem. This dangerous chemical compound is an essential ingredient in Teflon made by DuPont and Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) made by 3M and several other chemical companies. In 2011 and 2012, after seven years of research, the science panel found that C8 was “more likely than not” linked to ulcerative colitis — Wamsley’s condition — as well as to high cholesterol; pregnancy-induced hypertension; thyroid disease; testicular cancer; and kidney cancer. The scientists’ findings, published in more than three dozen peer-reviewed articles, were striking, because the chemical’s effects were so widespread throughout the body and because even very low exposure levels were associated with health effects.” (“The Teflon ToxinThe Intercept, (Aug. 11, 2015)).  The list of causally related diseases is staggering.

Epidemiologist have linked exposure to C8 to the following diseases and/or illnesses.  (The epidemiological study is linked.  Click on the disease/illness to access the study).

High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia)

Thyroid Disease


Hypertension and Preeclampsia

If you think you have been exposed to C8 and have symptoms of one or more of the above diseases and/or illnesses, contact us immediately. (609) 240-5578 or toll free (800) 485-2197 or by email: heyburn@heyburnlaw.com.