Why should you care about PFOA’s and C8?

You lock your doors, tuck your children into bed and do everything you can to make sure they are safe. Then they ask you for a glass of water before they fall asleep. You give them a glass of tap water and kiss them good night. Meanwhile, the chemical companies are dumping PFOA's into the ground. The military bases are hosing down AFFF until it seeps into the ground. These chemicals degrade into C8 and make it into your water supply. They may be in that glass of water you just gave your child.

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Hoosick Falls, New York

Last year authorities discovered that PFOA/C8 had infiltrated the water supply for residents of Hoosick Fally, New York.  Local chemical company, Saint-Gobain has two factories in Hoosick Falls that manufacture products from fluoropolymers.  PFOA, a potentially cancer-causing chemical, was traced back to the Saint-Gobain plant in the village.  Although Saint Gobain has agreed to supply the residents of Hoosick Falls with drinking water and pay of upgrades to their water treatment facility, this may be too little and too late for the residents of Hoosick Falls that have become sick due to high levels of C8 in their blood.  The extent of the toxic exposure increases weekly.  “Joining Flint, A Drinking Water Crisis Grows In Upstate New York



The International Agency on Cancer Research considers PFOA “possibly carcinogenic” for people and EPA labels it an “emerging contaminant.” In 2006, EPA reached agreement with the eight largest PFOA makers in the United States to phase it out by 2015.