Why should you care about PFOA’s and C8?

You lock your doors, tuck your children into bed and do everything you can to make sure they are safe. Then they ask you for a glass of water before they fall asleep. You give them a glass of tap water and kiss them good night. Meanwhile, the chemical companies are dumping PFOA's into the ground. The military bases are hosing down AFFF until it seeps into the ground. These chemicals degrade into C8 and make it into your water supply. They may be in that glass of water you just gave your child.

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Petersburgh, New York

In the wake of the discovery of PFOA/C8 contaminated water in Hoosick Falls, officials are now concerned about Petersburgh, New York.The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed the agency and health department are testing for PFOA.  Residents are concerned that Taconic Plastics may have similar issues as Saint-Gobain and leaked the dangerous PFOA into the ground and water supply. The residents are right to be concerned as epidemiologist have linked high levels of PFOA’s in humans to kidney cancer, testicular cancer, high cholesterol and eclampsia in pregnant women. While PFOA’s are not a banned chemical compound, the EPA has been aware of it adverse health risks for over 15 years.  The EPA has listed PFOA’s on its “Emerging Contaminants” list.

The Town of Petersburgh has announced on FaceBook that 50 homes have been tested to date. Twenty of the 50 had levels above the EPA standard of 100 parts per trillion, with the highest result at 2,100 parts per trillion.  That is twenty (20) times the limit.  While Taconic is cooperating with the town to supply water and filtration systems to effected residents, it may be years before the real health effects are known.