Why should you care about PFOA’s and C8?

You lock your doors, tuck your children into bed and do everything you can to make sure they are safe. Then they ask you for a glass of water before they fall asleep. You give them a glass of tap water and kiss them good night. Meanwhile, the chemical companies are dumping PFOA's into the ground. The military bases are hosing down AFFF until it seeps into the ground. These chemicals degrade into C8 and make it into your water supply. They may be in that glass of water you just gave your child.

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Fargo, North Dakota

A developing story out of north Fargo where the Air National Guard Base has potentially contaminated water. The government is ordering tests after firefighting chemicals may have leaked into the water table at six North Dakota sites, including the Grand Forks Air Force Base and Hector International Airport in Fargo.  The Air Base was one of over 600 bases identified by the Department of Defense for using AFFF which is known to seep into the soil and infiltrate the groundwater with the toxic and deadly chemical C8.

According to a statement Valley News Live received from the DoD they “have just begun the process of evaluating these sites to assess the risk to groundwater” and “we do not have the full scope of the extent” of contamination.

Here’s the DoD response in full from Lt. Col. Eric Badger:

As of the end of Fiscal Year 2014, DoD has identified 664 fire or crash training sites. The Military Departments have just begun the process of evaluating these sites to assess the risk to groundwater in accordance with CERCLA. Because we are in the early stages of the cleanup process, we do not have the full scope of the extent of perfluorinated chemicals contamination and the actions the Department needs to take to address the risks to human health and the environment.